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A bisexual is a guy who has a sexual preference for members of both sexes. They are neither heterosexual nor homosexual but they live in a kind of gray zone between the two. Some would say that they enjoy the best of both worlds, be attracted to men and women. Again, however, it is not so clear but you can find them in webcam sex models where they model for money.

A bisexual male may be attracted to men more than women, but still feels the occasional attraction for the least interest, depending on the bi men or bi guys they face and the circumstances of their contact. It is not uncommon for younger women, for example, to feel a sexual drawing towards a young pop star of the same sex, without actually considering the bi-sexual act. It is also very common for younger bisexual men, especially school age, to act intimately around their own sex, holding hands, kissing and being in live bisexual cams without any attraction beyond a closed friendship.

A bisexual man can be someone who has accepted their own sexuality and is happy to sleep or have sex with a man of the same sex, or they can be a man aware of their own sexual inclinations, but who has not accepted, for social reasons. This fact of life made no attempt to admit it publicly or to comply with it by joining gay chats. It is a predominant general conversation when the preferences of other people are discussed or at political and religious levels where people are for or against gay cams.

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