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Bodybuilding is an intense sport that many men are simply not able to do. Beefy guys are smashing, but in real life quite rare to find as there are just not that many bodybuilders. But if you fancy buff guys with huge muscles, what are you supposed to do? Why, turn to CameraLux of course! We have the fanciest muscled lads who are bodybuilders and will give you a personal show of their strength and sexuality. Bodybuilders are men who lift weights, but not just normally like at the gym, they centre their whole lives around lifting weights and making their bodies as strong and powerful as they can be. They train their muscles to be able to lift incredibly heavy weights and for some of these lads, it’s a full time job! When you look at a classic bodybuilder, you’ll notice that their chest and arms are quite big, and their hips and waist are more narrow, similar to an upside-down triangle. Their legs are quite thick as well, and there is not a gram of fat on them, every muscle in their body has been worked and shaped to be exposed, even if they are not flexing.

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Bodybuilders are gay guys who are always involved in a progressive exercise that leads to developing musculature body structures. They do it by lifting weights and even going to a gym.