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Bottoms have the best position when it comes to gay sex. Some people may think that it’s the ones doing the fucking that are have the better spot, but we all know that the ones getting shagged are the true winners. For those unfamiliar with gay sex terms, allow us to enlighten you a bit. In guy on guy xxx action, there is a top, who is inserting his knob into the bottom, and the bottom is the one who is receiving penetration. He is on the “bottom” theoretically, however once you see the crazy positions on these cams, you will see that he can be in more positions than being on bottom. Bottom gays are submissive, because they are submitting their arse to their top, and give up all control. Bottoms are the ones that like to be maneuvered and tossed around during a romp, and enjoy being controlled very much. Anal sex is quite kinky, and gay anal sex is something that not just gay men enjoy, but some ladies actually very much enjoy watching it as well. Smashing bottoms are absolutely randy on their webcam shows while they’re getting boffed, and you will be sorry if you miss out.

There are many other terms that people use when referring to bottoms. One is receiving, or the receiver, as they are the ones accepting a large knob in their bum. Many Americans will use the term “catcher” and if you know anything about baseball, the catcher is the one who catches the ball thrown by the pitcher. If you put this into a context of bumsex, America’s favourite pastime just got much more X-rated, and if we do say so ourselves, much more enjoyable. A bottom’s bumhole is quite tender from all the arsefucking it receives, so sometimes they enjoy a nice rimjob or vibrator massage to relax it after a hardcore shagging. Even though bottoms are very submissive, they actually have more control than you might think. Because they are the receivers, they are very vocal about what positions they like, if they want their partner to bumfuck them harder, or go slower, etc. Tops dominate them, but also make sure that their bottom is enjoying themselves.

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Because it takes quite a bit out of a person to receive anal sex, bottoms are secretly in control while having anal sex. They say if they are being fucked too hard, or if they want to be boffed harder. If they don’t like a position, they say so and their top will switch. In addition, if they want more foreplay, all they need to do is ask. Bottoms don’t just receive knobs in their arse. For a bottom, especially a tight one or perhaps a lad who is new to getting his arse pounded, anal play is quite important. Before he gets drilled with a pecker, bottoms will use bum plugs to stretch out their bumhole, vibrators to relax their arse hole, and dildos to prepare them for an anal shagging. And no bottom will ever be fucked without lots of lube.

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At CameraLux, we understand that people have different tastes and needs. However, everyone loves to watch models have their asses fucked supper hard. It is in the same spirit that we have a special section where you can enjoy anal sex. Watch the submissive young men enjoy some hot ass-sex and their buttholes yearn for more. On this platform, we have managed to gather sexy gay guys from different parts of the world so as we can satisfy you fully. What is more is that these models are not afraid to walk naked and showcase their huge dicks. Visitors can also sex chat, gay chat and visit chat rooms for more thrill. Keep in mind that when it comes to submissive sex, bottom guys top the list. In that case, do not waste your time. Join us as we take you through this wonderful sexual experience.

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Bottom is a word that is commonly used in the gay community to refer to a guy that loves to have his butthole drilled. Bottom men are the receivers of huge dicks and have their fixed positions. Receiving is not a bad thing at all. If anything, bottom men do not mind as long as they are pounded right.

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