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Chubsters, tubbos, hefty, husky, fat...whatever you say to describe these lads, it all means the same thing. Men who are fat. Chubby men are men who are overweight, or fat, and have rolls and chunk all over their body. These smashing lads may not have athletic bodies, as seen in magazines or in the films, however that doesn’t mean that they are any less lush. We’ve actually surveyed many people, men and women, and found that a great majority of the population enjoys chubby men. So we’ve brought you the most gobsmacking selection of fat lads from round the world who enjoy being sexual and doing XXX things on live web cameras. These chaps don’t have a 6-pack, instead they have a gut they’ve gotten from enjoying many a six-pack. Their arms are not shapely like footballers or rugby players, instead they are soft and flabby. Their necks are thick and their legs are nice and meaty. Some of these husky lads are only a few stones overweight while other lads are obese or extremely corpulent. Should you fancy a virtual shagging with a stout lad, there is no better place to look than CameraLux. We have many live cams with portly men who enjoy masturbating and boffing for their fans.

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