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Cross-dressing men have been around since the time of Shakespeare, however nowadays, it’s quite more erotic. If you’re not sure what cross-dressing is, it is when a man wears ladies clothes, like stockings, tights, dresses, brassieres, knickers, skirts, jewelry etc. Some of them enjoy doing their makeup and hair, or wearing a wig, and there are also drag queens, who put quite a lot of effort into their looks to transform themselves into elegant women fit for a stage. Crossdressing is generally done by gay men, however a growing number of straight men have started experimenting in cross dressing, usually starting by wearing a pair of their girlfriend’s knickers under their suits to work. What’s the allure of a crossdresser? It’s actually hard to pinpoint. Some men enjoy wearing skirts and dresses because they are more freeing, while other like to wear feminine clothes because of the soft fabrics. Others like to reject the mainstream gender expression standards. Every man has their own reason, so if you’re curious, why don’t you just ask one of these crossdressing camboys? We wager he has a fascinating story to tell you. However it’s important to remember that these lads are not trans or shemales. They are men, who just like to occasionally dress up as a lady.

Cross-dressing camboys are quite fun. It’s quite a site to see a lush lad in a frilly dress wanking or shagging his boyfriend. Many men, as well as quite a bit of women in fact, are turned on by men who crossdress. We can’t quite be sure of the reason, but if you’re here, then obviously you know why you fancy crossdressers. It’s a stereotype that gay men love drag queens, and quite a legit stereotype at that. We understand that in some parts, it might be quite difficult to encounter drag queens, which is why we have this cross dress category on CameraLux, so that you can enjoy men in dresses, men in skirts, men wearing makeup, and drag queens in the comfort and privacy of your own abode. If you’ve actually never seen a man in a dress, it is an erotic experience that you simply must enjoy.

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