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Daddies are seriously underappreciated. If you ask us, we would only want to have sex with daddies. In terms of a sexual relationship, daddies are mature men who seek out younger lads to not only shag, but provide guidance and emotional support to. A gay daddy is older, so should you fancy old men, then give daddies a whack. Most of the daddies on this site are gay, so they are on the pull for younger lads, but we know many ladies want daddies as well, so if you’re a bird flocking to CameraLux on the hunt for a daddy, there are bisexual daddies and straight daddies as well who will be happy to dom a lass like you. Daddy doms are another sub type of daddies, and while all daddies are dominant, daddy doms take that role to the next level. Daddy doms are hardcore into BDSM and fancy dungeon sex and bondage. It’s a way for them to exert their power and dominance over you. However, BDSM sex with a daddy dom isn’t like normal D&S sex. Daddies take on a parental-type role and will nurture you and provide you with guidance in whatever way you need.

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