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Top or bottom? This question is at the forefront of every single gay man when he enters the dating world, and it can be a controversial topic for discussion among gay people. The 'bottom' line is that there are no consistent rules or right/wrong answers to this question; Your sexuality is your own personal choice on how you choose to express that part of yourself. But these men have made the choice, or rather, they haven't because they are versatile! These Gay Versatile men love being both tops and bottoms, which doubles how much hot sex they can have! Click below to explore the hottest live gay versatile sex cams with the sexiest nude versatile gay cam models.

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Versatility is a term used to define when a man enjoys being both a top and a bottom. Sometimes he will choose only one role based on the needs of his partner; a versatile man just loves sex and all the raunchy, pleasurable acts associated with it. If you are lucky enough to have a relationship with another versatile man, the pleasures you will receive can only be explained as pure ecstasy.

Versatile sex, otherwise known as flip-flopping or a flip fuck refers to the act of taking turns fucking each other. In this role, you are both in control and releasing control to be both submissive and dominant. This goes past solely the act of sex, and is a give and take in the relationship as a whole. This also means that versatile men are into more than just simple penetration. The possibilities are endless with a man who loves to get fucked as much as fucking.

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In the act of two men having sex, it is commonly known that there is a top (giver) and bottom (receiver). But did you know that in some cases, there are men who do both? This is what is referred to as a versatile man. They can give their thick juicy cock as well as take it up their tight ass. These men are horny fuckers and genuinely enjoy both and get off on the best sex you can imagine. Versatile guys truly are a gift, as one night they can take a thick cock up their ass and the next night they can make a bottom moan in pleasure as they pound his ass. Or in the same night, given their partner is also versatile. Switching back and forth endless times until they both shoot their load.

Imagine watching a sexy stud pounding his man’s hole and then the next second laying on his back with his legs spread eagle ready to get slammed hard. There are no limits with a versatile man; think about fingering his ass while riding his meat. These men generally have huge dicks and love seeing it go in and out of your hole because they know how immense the pleasure can be. Gay men who are versatile make for the best cam boys, and I guarantee you’ve never seen live cam sex like this before. Make sure to tune in to CameraLux to never miss out on this hot action.

Versatile guys are similar to bisexuals because they can have sex with anyone, but they prefer to only fuck men. Most guys are not versatile; this can make it hard to find a partner because sometimes you just simply don’t have compatibility in the bedroom. Imagine if you’re dating another guy who only wants to bottom. This can make sex frustrating if you’re just in the mood to get fucked till Sunday. Versatile men can make for some steamy three-way action as well. Imagine a guy being fucked and fucking at the same time, or sucking a dick while getting pounded from behind. This kind of pleasure isn’t limited to group sessions either. Just imagine sucking a thick throbbing cock while he pleasures your hole with a meaty dildo. Or using a double-headed dildo to both get fucked at the same time.

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You may be thinking there is only one type of versatile gay men; we are happy to say that you would be mistaken. There may be a pattern of versatile men, that are generally on the younger side. Young guys tend to be versatile because of their adventurous nature, and the fact they are horny fuckers all the time and want to get their dicks wet as often as possible. There are plenty of mature gay men and bears that enjoy flip fucking as well. There can be many reasons for a guy to be versatile; maybe after only having one role he wants to switch it up. Some guys might be curious about getting fucked as well; from seeing the pleasure their cock has given other men receiving. If you’re particularly lucky, you may be able to experience a man getting fucked for the first time. Seeing the look on his face as you insert your cock into his tight hole for the first time and hearing his moans from the pleasure you are giving him will be sure to get you off. Our cams are so kinky and wild, these guys love to switch all the time. Whether you’re into black, mixed, white, chubby, Asian, muscular, Latino, hairy, or mature, you can be sure to find what you are looking for here on CameraLux.

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