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Gay sex is quite erotic. There’s nothing quite like lush men shagging one another, which is why gay cam sex is so popular. And these camboys who top are at the ‘top’ of the list of the smashing men on the entire site. For those who need the explanation of how gay anal sex works: there is a top and a bottom. A giver and a receiver. A pitcher and a catcher, for those of you who like American baseball references. One man is having his arse fucked, and he’s the bottom, while another is doing the shagging, and he is referred to as the top. The vast majority of men fall into one of these roles, as they have preferred positions. And being a top or bottom is more than just the shagging. It’s a signal of power, or lack thereof. In the case of tops, top cam boys like to feel powerful and in control. The feeling of dominating over their bottom is thrilling, and in BDSM roleplay, they are generally the dominant player. Top men have large knobs, because they like to give their partners a good hard shagging. Everyone wants to be filled with a big cock, and these men have just the dobber to do the job.

Watching gay men fucking is a pastime many gay, bisexual, and even some straight lads enjoy. A growing number of women as well are fascinated by gay sex. At CameraLux, we seek to bring our customers the best live gay anal sex cams that are on the market, which is why this category is filled with dominant top camboys from all over the world who enjoy fucking bums. Being on top is more than just a position, it’s a symbol of power and dominance. You’ll be chuffed when you see how smashing these lads are. Top men, the alphas that they are, take quite good care of themselves and make sure their bodies are buff, toned, waxed, and that they always look their best. Many top gays will shave off all their pubes, in order to put their large knobs on full display, making them look even bigger than they already are. And just because a top cam boy is alpha and dominant doesn’t mean he’s selfish, in fact, quite the opposite actually.

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Dominant men are givers. They get great sexual gratification in the fact that they are the ones providing pleasure to their partners. Every gay man loves having their arses stuffed, but guys who top make that sacrifice for others. Of course, they receive pleasure from sliding their hard knob into a tight bum hole, just as any lad would get pleasure from sticking their pecker in something tight and warm. And as a top, they love to use sex toys in their own arse to have incredible anal sex. So if you’re in the mood to see some randy arsefucking with lush gay top camboys, then look no further than right here.

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Dicks aren’t just for jerking off and fucking pussy. Men have long enjoyed using their tool to pound a tight ass, and that is the exact definition of guys who top. This is a term used to describe guys who enjoy fucking other guys in the ass, and they aren’t afraid to do it on camera. Guys who top can be gay, straight, or bisexual. Their preference is to fuck, be it a guy or a girl, and they use the ass as their medium.

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