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Don’t knock a group chat before you try it! These chats can be a lot of fun and can end up being a very unique, interesting experience. Think of it like an online orgy, as you can join these chats to have hot cam sex alongside several other users. All you need is a cam boy and a group! These cams are so sexy and wild, particularly because there are so many naughty users who can submit wild, kinky requests of their cam boy model. This makes for an intriguing and unique experience for everyone--you never really know what will happen next!

Exactly what are multi-user cams? To put it simply, these are unique cam rooms where you can meet with a cam model and several other users for one of the most interesting, craziest rides you’ll ever find on CameraLux. Generally the cam boy model sets a limit on how many men can join, so join as soon as you can! In these cam group chats, not only can you interact with the model but also with your fellow voyeurs. If you are on the right chat cam, you can also turn on your cam and join in on the fun! You could also just sit back and watch--it is all up to you and what you want to do!

No matter what your kinks, fetishes, and your deepest, darkest desire is, you will always be able to find a multi user chat room that suits your fantasy! Every single category that is offered on CameraLux also comes with a multi-chat room feature. Are you looking for bears, black men, naked sexy maids, giant cocks, or any other feature--you can find them on our CameraLux multi-user chat rooms! These cams are so hot and wild, you almost won’t believe what you are seeing! The cam boys that perform for you are especially talented and able to pay attention to several things at once, which enhances their performance. Come to CameraLux and enjoy the possibilities of the multi user chat room!

There are several options that you can choose from when you choose to use the multi-user chat cams. However, the most popular of this category are the interactive cams. In the interactive cams, you, along with every other member of the chat group can choose to make the sexy cam model cum as many times as you want by controlling their sex toy. Because so many people can control their sex toys, this is a thrilling, exciting ride for the model, who truly doesn’t know what will happen next or how often they will cum. There are so many options available to you--you can make the toy buzz, while another user can make it rotate...there are so many things you can do!

The next thing that people love about these interactive cams are that they are very different from the private shows that our cam models usually put on. First, there are giveaway and raffles that occur. Our sexy models host raffles, giveaways, and games to their views for a wild, thrilling, kinky time. If you win, there are a whole host of potential prizes you could win. Most choose their own, for example you could win the option to choose the next sex act that the model performs, or get access to an exclusive sexy video! Maybe after the model gets fifty + viewers, then he will upgrade his dildo to a larger size or bring his boyfriend into the video. Anything could happen, and that is what makes it so exciting.

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The multi-user cam chats are free to watch, but if you want to participate in them, then you will need tokens. You can buy these tokens on CameraLux and can use them for a wide variety of things, such as auctions, raffles, entry fees into live Gold Shows, and as tips to your favorite model. Our models, as always, are grateful for your generosity and are eager to up the ante of each and every live show they put on.

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