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Are you a self-sucker? Do you know what that even means? Self-Sucking is when you bend over and suck your own knob. It takes a lot of practice, but anyone can do it! All it takes is practice and an open mind. When you're sucking your own cock, you might feel like you want to cum, so don't deprive yourself! These lads are nuts about oral sex and need their dick sucked all of the time, so sometimes they have to resort to doing it themselves. It doesn't matter if you're watching these cams to get tips or if you just like watching, just enjoy!

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CameraLux offers live self sucking cams. Here at CameraLux, we are proud to offer the best self-sucking lads that the internet has to offer. These blokes are so flexible, and you will be amazed at how well they can suck their own peckers. This sexual act is so erotic, and you will not be disappointed watching these studs suck their own cocks, as you feel yours growing in your trousers. This act is nearly impossible for most chaps, but here at CameraLux we have the most flexible studs around, and they love to show off their auto fellatio skills for your enjoyment. Even our straight studs can be seen sucking themselves off; they have no shame, because at the end of the day they are getting themselves off.

As anyone who has tried can attest to, not every lad can suck their own tallywacker, making these studs one of a kind. They have practiced for years, and perfected the art of self-sucking for your enjoyment, and theirs. You are sure to be amazed and turned on by watching these guys kiss the head of their cock before they slide the shaft inside their own mouth, ending in an amazing orgasm that will make their whole body shutter. In most cases, our studs will start with some stretches to warm up their muscles before they get their cocks hard and start sucking themselves off. Our guys have the biggest knobs around, and they are sure to gag on their own pieces of man meat, which is sure to have your cock throbbing in delight to see and hear this.

At CameraLux, it's not only solo performances that you will see either. In some cases, you may just be lucky enough to be online when there are one or more couples performing, and self sucking together. After they finish sucking themselves off, they may even cum swap with a snog before engaging in some rough anal sex with each other. We promise that they won't disappoint, and you will be coming back for more.

Start chatting with our self sucking studs, and tell them what you fancy and what you want to see. They love to know that what they are doing is making you randy, and love showing off their fit bodies and huge cocks. These guys aren't shy, so go ahead and tell them your fantasies, they would love to hear them. The sexual act of sucking your own cock is not easy to do, and our guys also love to be praised for their sexual skills and talents. Some may think that straight guys that give themselves jobbies are secretly gay, but our guys don't think so. After all, every straight guy gives himself a wank, and it only comes down to pleasure. Speaking of pleasure, our fit male models are more than happy to show you how much pleasure they are able to give themselves. They delight in the fact that as you watch them and engage in their XXX cam room, that you are getting off at the same time as they are. Watching do what most men could only dream of, which is to suck their own thick throbbing cocks. Watch as they swallow their shaft down to the base, and choke on their thick pieces of man meat. You'll know when they are cumming, because the body convulsions will be so extreme you won't be able to help but feel it too. Even after cumming, our models still love to be told what to do, so go ahead and tell them if you want them to spit or swallow. They are adept at both, and fancy to do either equally.

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